Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/28

Thursday Teenage Spotlight
This post is written by Caitie over at Teen Trouble.
I’m going to start off with the fact that being a teen is hard. our body is racked with hormones that parents seem to have forgotten about. they expect us to act like perfect little angels all the time, we aren’t allowed to feel any emotion except happy all the time. all the while having to deal with the stress of school, growing up, figuring out where we stand in the world, and learning about our caning bodies. hormones suck, they cause us to act out randomly, parents call it an excuse but especially for females or hormones make us irritable, sensitive, and defensive. they cause us to perceive things in a way that they were not meant and overreact over little things. sometimes we don’t notice what we are doing until a few hours later, after we cool off and analyze how the situation actually happened. hormones are one of the main reasons teenagers are perceived as “hooligans” and “unruly” but its not that at all, we are just confused, scared, and tired. that’s another thing, its a fact that when children transition into adolescence or young adults, our internal clock changes. it changes to keep us up later at night and wake us up earlier, it basically jumps forward a few hours. hence why we stay up late and sleep late. its not something we can help, its just one of the changes that our body goes through. so the teenage years force us through, bodily, hormonal, mental, spiritual, and belief changes. and there is nothing we can do other than learn how to suppress it in order to keep society off our case.
this section is mostly directed toward teenage girls (because i am one and can speak from experience) my fellow female teens, for us these changes are especially hard, there is so much we have to deal with, between periods, cramps, insecurity, boys, and clothes, yes clothes. i will go into more detail about all of these momentarily. first, periods. YAY! we all know the struggle. the irregularity at first, the hormones, the teasing, and most of all CRAMPS! the hormones we experience make us irritable beyond belief, not to mention the fact that we are in pain and very uncomfortable. we are teased by boys, mostly because they just don’t know, they don’t know what we experience every month, the stabbing, aching, wrenching, or burning pain that racks our body. or the discomfort of dealing with feminine products. it sucks, we all know, but we can all get through this! next, insecurity. society has so many standards that girls especially have to live up to, we have to be beautiful, and desirable, we have to be perfect in every way, we have to get married, we have to dress modestly, we have to have children, but we cant do any of these until society deems it appropriate, we cant have our own minds, we cant speak out against injustices, or else we are “sluts”, “feminazis”, “hippies”, “crazy”, etc.we are told we don’t need makeup and we are beautiful without it but then are made fun of and ridiculed without it. we cant eat a lot of food or we re greedy, fat, and disgusting. if you’re too curvy you’re fat and disgusting, if you’re too skinny your gross and unwanted. we are told we must be one thing then ridiculed for it. its horrible and it needs to stop. i wont really go into detail about boys basing i have no experience dating or anything like that. now finally clothes, we are looked on with scorn for wearing clothes that are “too showy” or “slutty and disgusting” but what they don’t understand is how hard it is to find modest clothes for girls our age. back 30,40 years ago modesty was an expectation, but now its boring and undesirable. we are told we have to dress to show off our bodies and get the attention of men but at the same time are looked down upon for showing so much skin. so we have no choice but to wear showy clothes because that is all they sell. so if this section sums up anything its that society needs to stop judging teens, of both genders, by what they think is right. live your on life, and get the heck out of our business and our lives.
that’s all i have to say for now but if i’m gonna sum it up, instead of judging today’s teens. take a moment and talk to them, try to understand that life is hard, and not just for adults.
-Caitlyn H.
Are you a teen from 13-19, please e-mail me and we will talk. Interesting in participating and telling us how you feel about being a teenager in 2016.  E-mail me at  Check out this post Calling all Teenage Bloggers

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