Tuesday at Ten {Risk}

When I looked up Risk it said “exposing to danger”.

Taking Risks doesn’t typically appeal to me at all.  I like knowing the outcome of situations, I like staying safe and level in my every day life.

However there are a few things that I would really like to experience that some would call “risky”.

Sky-Diving: I can’t explain it I have always wanted to jump out of a plane.  Now, I suppose that once I made my way up to the plane, ready to jump…I may just pee my pants. However in my head, it sounds like an amazing experience.


Zip-Lining: I have done this before, but what felt like only 20 ft in the air and the line wasn’t that long.  I would like to do it in like a Rain forest, so high that I can’t even see the ground.

Apply for a Reality TV show: Putting myself out there like that at all would be a risk.  Then if you got accepted, my ideal would be Survivor or The Amazing Race and there are risks all over the place in those shows.

I’m not sure that any of these things will happen in my lifetime.  I do know that if the opportunity would arise, I would take it and I’m certain that the reward would outweigh the risk!


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