July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30

Day 30) Saddest Character Death: That would have to be all the deaths on Grey’s Anatomy!!

Denny, George, Lexie, McSteamy, McDreamy and many many others!!!



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4 thoughts on “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 30

  1. George, Denny, Mark and Lexie…all sad…but the saddest death on any show was Michaels’ on Prison Break. (you can have your McDreamy…he cheated on his wife, so I didn’t much care that he died.) LOL
    Who’s the first one…third row down?


  2. I’m a Grey’s Anatomy late bloomer. I began watching the series on NetFlix a couple months ago, so I had to quickly scroll past your dead/gone picture because I’m only on season 6. However, season 5, episode 24, “Now or Never,” is a fictional television hell I never want to endure again. I am just now recovered enough to begin watching the series again. George was my favorite. I sobbed. I bawled. It was unbelievably difficult for me to watch. I’ve never before experienced something like this in a fictional television drama. My friends tell me to expect more of the same in the future. How do you get through this? I can’t stop now. I’m hooked. But why? Why, knowing what the future has in store for me – crying, sobbing, sadness – why do I continue? This is a crazy train that I cannot get off. I just keep going. Season 6, episode 13. So far, so good. Hanging in there. 🙂

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