July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 28

Day 28) Favorite Season Finale: That would be FRIENDS the finale of Season 7.  This episode is Monica and Chandler’s wedding.  In the beginning of the episode Phoebe finds a positive pregnancy test and assumes that it belongs to Monica.  You go through the rest of the show thinking that it is Monica’s.  Until theContinue reading “July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 28”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/28

This post is written by Caitie over at Teen Trouble. I’m going to start off with the fact that being a teen is hard. our body is racked with hormones that parents seem to have forgotten about. they expect us to act like perfect little angels all the time, we aren’t allowed to feel anyContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 7/28”

What Do You Think About…Therapy

I had a therapy session yesterday (I will write about that tomorrow).  Though, reflecting back on it this morning I think about how my view on Therapy has changed dramatically. My ex husband went to therapy every week for a year when we were first together.  I used to ask him “how did it go?”Continue reading “What Do You Think About…Therapy”

Manic Monday Check-In: 7/25

Last week was a very typical week on Making Time For Me. With 810 views from 313 visitors, 456 likes with 148 Comments. Wonderful readers from 27 different countries.  No new countries that I can tell, but a shout out to readers from Belarus, Russia and Pakistan all coming in with 1 view from theContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 7/25”

REBLOG: Generations in Business

I am currently writing a training for Early Childhood Administrators about working in a Multi-Generation Workforce.  This blog showed up in my feed at the perfect time. Nearly daily the business sections of many newspapers have an article on the “millennials”, which refers to those born in the early 1980s and who are also referredContinue reading “REBLOG: Generations in Business”