What Do You Think About…Grammar?

When you are reading, does it bother you?  Do misspelled words and poorly phrased sentences catch your attention?

Once you do notice it, can you take your mind off of it?

Do you continue reading the post or article?

What about if you notice the mistake in your own work?  Do you quickly edit it, hoping that no one else has noticed?

Are you harder on yourself or on others?


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17 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Grammar?

  1. I have more mistakes that I would like too but like Nadine said, I love people to correct me. It makes me feel like I am learning and I love to learn everything minute of my life. I just worry about creating and if some wants to correct me then amazing. I thank them for it.

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  2. If I’m reading a news article, or something of the like, and I see a typo, I immediately stop reading and look for the story somewhere else. If you cannot take the time to spell check your news article, why should I believe that you take time to actually get the facts straight?

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  3. Totally stop reading a post that has so many grammatical errors. I can’t get through it. I’ve made mistakes that weren’t caught by spell check because it is spelled correctly but the wrong word for the sentence (i.e. vein/vane/vain) and will fix it immediately.

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  4. I spend so much time trying to figure out the appropriate place for commas and proofreading my work and I still find errors when published. Writing is certainly not one of my strengths but I enjoy it and do my best. I know how easy it is to make a mistake and how much time is involved in getting that final draft ready to post, so I try not to judge.

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  5. Minor ones don’t really bother me…a missing word here or there. I can usually fill in the blanks. Misspelled words…maybe. I know that sometimes I go back and find a mistake in one of my posts and that bothers me. I immediately edit it.
    We all make mistakes…our minds are thinking one thing and we type another. I call those things “bloopers.”
    One of my favorite bloopers came from one of my favorite bloggers….LOL
    I asked a question for an award. It was “what do you want on your tombstone?”
    Her answer was “I’m not going to have a tombstone because I’m going to be buried.”
    Remember? 🙂

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