11 thoughts on “I just received this: Actually 119 Now

    1. Thank you. I have “quit” a few times actually. 2 1/2 years when I had my first two children. But, it really kicked up when I was going through my divorce. Then I quit again during my pregnancy with my last child, for nearly a year. Then another time for 3 months. I always seem to resort back to it when something really stressful happens. The last time I had quit for 3 months and then out of no where received a letter saying that we had to move out of the house we were renting within 6 weeks (which was over Christmas and New years.) I always have good intentions. I am hopeful this time though.

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      1. The exact same thing happened to us over New Year’s. Our house sold 2 days after listing and we had 2 weeks to find someplace. I did sneak a few in the garage during those periods. Then my fiance’ had a massive heart attack and he became the smoking Nazi, going door to door telling everyone how bad it is. Seriously I was annoyed.

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