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What Do You Think About…The Olympics?

So, the Olympics started this past Friday!

Are you like me, do you want them on all the time?

Can you just not get enough of them?

Do you prefer summer over winter?

What events are your favorites?

Do you enjoy the opening ceremonies?  Or, find them to be boring and a waste of time?

This year for the first time, I decided to get really into it on Friday while we had all six kids at our house.  This included googling “Brazilian Meals.”  After which I decided on sausage, beans, rice, corn and grilled pineapple.  While at the grocery store I picked up the “world of flavor” Lay’s potato chips that are out right now.

The food was delicious and we have been eating leftovers for days.  For the last four summers we have enjoyed doing the “Lay’s taste test”, this year was no different.

So far I have enjoyed MANY Olympic events.  I have watched cycling, basketball, rugby, soccer, swimming, diving, gymnastics, beach volleyball and table tennis.  Swimming and Diving are my favorites. Go Michael Phelps!!


28 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…The Olympics?”

  1. I was watching water polo between Montenegro and Croatia. Then I realized that I don’t even like water polo and was watching it because it was The Olympics. Then I switched the channel over to Family Guy. 😉

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  2. Classic me. I have not watched one minute of them with the exception of the women playing soccer and even that was difficult. They played in Belo Horizonte, which is where my son spent almost a year as a foreign exchange student. He returned a drunk.
    I may watch another game but the Olympics have never interested me for some reason. (I know, deadbeat.)

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  3. This will be the 1st year I have not watched the Olympics. Once I watched the documentary of the behind the scenes of what goes into building the arenas and housing. I just can’t support. I feel awful for those who are forced out of their homes and torn down, so that Olympic facilities can be built in their place. I will never look at the Olympics the same again.

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      1. Ahhhh I made a post about it on my Wednesday check in:/ I bought another pack. But this pack is almost gone, I’m planning on instead of just “stopping” I’m going to stop but keep 2-3 cigs hidden up in my closet. So I don’t feel like I have none at all. I think it’ll help knowing I have a few hidden away. We gave up soda and fatty foods this week, wasn’t the best time to quit smoking as well, but we’re tryin!

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