Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 8/11

Thursday Teenage Spotlight

Today’s Teenage Spotlight is brought to you by Isidora at Walk Beside Me 385.

what it’s like being a teenager in 2016

Well, my story…

I think the teenage years affects many factors, for example: the family, social status, society, environment, school.. But the most important factor are our parents and how we look at the world.

  • Parents teach us the first words, but we choose what words we use.
  • Parents us know with other children, but we choose with whom we socialize.
  • our parents warn of drugs, but we are the ones who choose whether to be avoided

Teenage given our decisions when they come to the fore, not our parents’ decision. The moment when the education and character trait enter into one person.

2016 brought us a lot of new, lots of new ways in which we can find, it is difficult to identify which is the right and which is wrong. Like many things that make it difficult to decide

first love?

Perhaps the most beautiful and the hardest thing for us teenagers at the same time. When you feel the butterflies in my stomach for the first time, when my girls begin to make-up, and the boys start to do the exercises to be muscular and handsome. Then we have one of the most important things, and I do not see anything of it. Of course, the hard part is when we are hurt and disappointed in life. At this point it is necessary to understand that this is not the worst thing and look at it like that life mentally prepared at all what we can expect in life.




Probem with the social networks is that teenagers are trying to reach some of the popular people. On the way to this goal can be found countless problems and questions like ‘why I can not have all that in it?’ ‘. It reduces the confidence teenagers. As needlessly attaching importance to likes, and similar matters.

The worst case is that they are usually starlet their role models, body builders and those richSpotlight2.jpg


i’m always right

We all know this thought that arise due to the many fights with our parents or friends. We think that nobody understands us and that only we think properly. This is possible to hurt the people around us, and that we do not even notice. Then you need to calm down, and think ‘cool’ and realize that maybe we are not always right, and that can always find a solution that would make everyone happy.

P.S. It’s hard to apologize when we make a mistake.


So yes, it is hard to be a teenager today. Hardly achievable desires us to produce every second, but nowhere ways to achieve them. No matter how hard you try to have that carefree childhood of several decades ago, without the Internet, telephone and other technologies -We can not change the fact that we live in 2016, when the time is fast running without waiting for anyone.

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