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Lying to our kids

I had forgotten all about this conversation with my ex.  It happened a year ago on my birthday.  I hope that now, they know I had no ill intentions or malice when talking to the kids about it!

First off I would like to say this is a topic that I am genuinely interested in some feedback on.  After letting this first sentence sit here for nearly a week without continuing to write, I a…

Source: Lying to our kids


3 thoughts on “Lying to our kids”

  1. This topic was very sensitive to me and I am with you on not ever lying to the kids BUT there is a line I think in telling the children the truth and telling the children something they aren’t ready to know yet. Kinda like how kids learn about Heaven and Hell in church, yeah they do learn about both but you hear about Heaven first and Hell comes later because no young child really needs to hear the grusume details of what Hell is. I hope that made sense.
    A year ago today was a very hard day for me with the kids..

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