Tuesday Chatter 41

This lovely blog featured Making Time For Me on their “Tuesday Chatter” what an honor!! Go and check it out πŸ™‚


I find there is nothing more pleasing than useful and useless chatter, while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee. This is one of those chats.

Tuesday Chatter is a weekly event, where the aroma of coffee drifts around the room spurring on thought-provoking chatter. If you are not a fan of coffee, BYOB or whatever suits your fancy and join in the fun. Tuesday Chatter.

Many Moons Ago

Do you remember drive-in movies? Well, Sally Sue and I were sitting outside under a large shade tree chatting about the days of yore and she started rambling about her fondness for drive-in movies.Β  She was young and beautiful then, and even now she hasn’t aged a day. We agreed that there was something magical about drive-in movies. Perhaps, the aroma of popcorn and hotdogs waking up our taste buds, as we readied ourselves for the movie.

Drive-in movies were…

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