Just for Fun: 25 Things About Me


Yesterday my boss, friend and fellow Blogger Emily posted: Just for Fun: 25 Things.  In this posted she listed 25 things about herself that you may not already know.  At the end she encourages whomever made it all the way to the end of the post, to go on and do the same. So, I thought why not do this for my Whatever Wednesday post?  Here goes nothing!  And thanks for the idea Em.

We’ll be following the actual rules this time around, pretend this is US Magazine and that I am a famous celebrity you love to follow. Here are 25 Things About Me You May Not Know:

[ONE] I was born partially deaf in both of my ears.  Due to this, I have never passed a hearing test.  When in college in speech class you had to pass a hearing test in order to pass the class.  As a result, I had to go through 3 different hearing tests.  Including one that was over night where they hooked me up to all kinds of wires to determine the cause of my hearing loss.  That is when I found it it was something that I was born with.

[TWO] I used to hide in my pantry and eat Little Debbie Star Crunches in the middle of the night when I was like 8 or 9.

[THREE] I stole a pack of certs from Meijer when I was like 7 or 8.  My Mom found them (unopened) and made me go back to the store and give them to the store manager.  I thought I was going to go to jail.

[FOUR] Drugs are not my bag.  None of them.  I have to have a headache for nearly one full day before I will even take two Tylenol.  My allergies have been super crazy and instead of Zyrtec or something else, I have taken 2 tsp of kid allergy liquid 4 times in the last week.

[FIVE] I keep a giant map that has all the countries who have read my blog marked!

[SIX] I have 4 tattoos.  They are all small and they are evenly placed on my body.  A daisy, a turtle, a cross with an infinity symbol around it and a christian fish.

[SEVEN] I signed up to play a piano solo in my 4th grade Christmas Pageant when I had NEVER taken any piano lessons.  My parents were mortified, but I rocked Silent Night 🙂

[EIGHT] I have been the commissioner of my family’s football league for 11 years.

[NINE] I had my first kiss when I was 11 years old.

[TEN] I think buying people flowers as a gift is a waste of money.  Yes, I think they are beautiful.  However, I think that money could be spent in a much better way.

[ELEVEN] I went to England and France with my Best Friend after we graduated college. We went for 2 weeks and it was the most amazing trip.

[TWELVE] I just started drinking coffee regularly after I got an office job.  I have always liked the taste and the smell.  I am just such a hot person, that the idea of drinking hot coffee every morning made me sweat.  LOL.

[THIRTEEN] Speaking of sweating…I am a very sweaty person.  Some time after puberty hit, I just sweat like a crazy person.  it doesn’t matter if it is hot out or cold out, I am going to sweat.  I have tried prescription strength deodorant and nothing has helped for any length of time.

[FOURTEEN] I sang in my church choir for all 13 years that I was in school.  Kindergarten through Senior year of high school.  I didn’t care about the signing, even though it was fun, it was more about the friends.

[FIFTEEN] I am WAY too into Reality Television.

[SIXTEEN] My favorite book ever is Matilda by Roald Dahl.  Yes, even though it is a children’s book I still today haven’t read one book that has made my mind soar more than that book.

[SEVENTEEN]  I am not super cut out for a desk job.  I gained about 10 pounds within the first couple months at my current job.  So, I get up and do a lap or two quite a few times during the day.

[EIGHTEEN] I am not really a “girls girl”.  I think that is the reason why I haven’t been able to keep groups of girl friends for very long.

[NINETEEN] My closet is full of clothes that I bought 6 summers ago.  I don’t buy things for myself very often.  I actually threw a few pairs of shoes away this summer so I can’t have an excuse to wear them again next year.  I will have to buy myself some new things.

[TWENTY] I used to Scrapbook, like A LOT.  Before having kids and getting married I spend a lot of my money and time putting my memories together.  I haven’t done any since then.  That seems opposite of what it should have been.  LOL

[TWENTY-ONE] I know EXACTLY what I want my funeral to look like.  A small, short gathering at my church.  Play Dream On by Aerosmith, You Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones and Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve.  Then…have a big ole party!  OH and I want to be cremated.

[TWENTY-TWO] I love working out.  Setting my alarm, going to the gym at 5am, most of the time I look forward to it!

[TWENTY-THREE] I DO NOT like cats.  I have tried, they like me, but I am not a fan.

[TWENTY-FOUR] I budget like a crazy person when going grocery shopping.  I use coupons, try only to buy sale or store brand items.  I get REALLY excited by seeing the amount I have saved at the bottom of my receipt.

[TWENTY-FIVE] I have always believed that if you made it this far on this post that you should share 25 things about yourself. Do it!

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17 thoughts on “Just for Fun: 25 Things About Me

  1. You ARE a celebrity we want to know about…thought THAT should be obvious. Off to do my own 25 now since it seems I read all of yours and that is the “rule”…lol

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