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My friend Jess nominated me for this fun tag.  I love that on top of that….my friend Tikeetha nominated her 🙂  If you don’t know Jess, go and read what she has to offer. Follow her and you won’t regret it.  I think that I have been following her for about 6 months now and 4 months ago I found out that I know her in real life.  She is my kids’ step-mom and she is pretty awesome.  Now, she is my friend and I love her!

Five things that make me happy…..

  1. The Kids:  All 6 of them.   Every single one of them has brought something beautiful, different and crazy into my life.  Loud and Quiet, Obvious and Humble, Obnoxious and Perfect.  They are what they are and even though I do not understand it sometimes, I have to allow them to be the beautiful little beings they were born to be.
  2. My Favorite Person in the world over the age of 14 : Paul, My Husband and my Happy place.  He is the calm to my storm, the answer to my question and the reason to my irrationality.  Every day that I get to wake up next to him and go to sleep beside him is a good day.
  3. Craft Beer/Breweries: When you don’t get married until you are 31, it is hard to find things that you can enjoy that haven’t already been enjoyed with someone else.  Well craft beer and breweries are it for Paul and I.  It is a hobby and an interest that we can partake in together and both enjoy equally.
  4. Blogging: For sure, I am so happy that I found it.  The words just pour out and it feels so good to have some kind of release for all the things in my brain.  The mostly genuine and kind interaction with the other Bloggers.  I have such strong feelings for some of you, I think that Jess, Em and I need to take a road trip to meet you guys! Yes, I am a nerd.
  5. Football: With fall and football right around the corner, I couldn’t bring this up. Fantasy football drafts, University of Michigan and Packers!!!  I can’t wait.  Fall is my favorite time of year and 1 HUGE reason is because of the football all weekend long 🙂


Five songs that make me happy….

  1. Dream On- Aerosmith (my ALL time favorite song….EVER)
  2. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars (it gets me in the mood to kick some ass, LOL.  and I LOVE singing it with Jordan on Rock Band)
  3. Renegade- STYX (how can you now love a classic rock song that your 3 year old sings along to?)
  4. Let’s Talk About Sex- Salt-N-Pepa (makes me happy every time it comes on the radio…I turn it up loud and jam)
  5. Remix to Ignition- R.Kelly (I loved this song right after I graduated college when it came out.  Though now when I hear it, it reminds me of being on vacation with Brittany and Eric)


Here are the bloggers that I nominated to do this Tag.  Bloggers who I follow because I think that they are pretty awesome and they make me happy.  Happy Thursday!

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