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The Art of Keeping a Journal

I found this post while I was looking at a different post.  It was on the bottom in the “related articles.”  I kept a journal, 1 a year from the ages of 10 to 25.  Once I started dating my ex-husband, I put the journals behind me.  I no longer have them, I thought I was just carrying around these 16 journals for no reason, so I threw them out.  Sometimes I regret it, but I know that it was for the best.  I think that keeping a journal is important to get the thoughts out.  Now, this is what I use my blog for and my planners!

Journaling has been a part of my life for quite some time. I have always kept a journal, whether it is a written journal in a notebook, a journal on the computer or sometimes just random pages of paper, with anything from my thoughts, to drawings or just words written on them. For me, journaling […]

via The art of keeping a Journal — Ending the Stigma


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