The Art of Keeping a Journal

I found this post while I was looking at a different post.  It was on the bottom in the “related articles.”  I kept a journal, 1 a year from the ages of 10 to 25.  Once I started dating my ex-husband, I put the journals behind me.  I no longer have them, I thought I […]

Random Questions from Facebook

This random list of questions came into my Facebook feed yesterday and I couldn’t help myself.  My husband was helping our son with a Mock Fantasy Draft and I just started asking him the questions.  The results were Hilarious.  The whole house was cracking up at some of the answers 🙂 Out of curiosity I […]

Blast From The Past – People We Are Meant To Meet

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  We can learn something from everyone for good or for bad.  Learn how to be more of something or deal better with something else.  Maybe even sometimes people come into our lives as a mirror, of something we are afraid to turn into and we learn how […]

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 8/25

This post is written by a 17 year old from England at What it’s like to be a teenager these days… Honestly, it’s pretty great! Although there are little things that are tough like getting a job that fits college hours or trying to keep up to expectations (the dreaded predicted grades!). I feel now […]