About Recycling Your Old Posts…

I totally reuse some posts.  I never thought that my readers might think it is weird.  There is a rhyme and reason behind it.  Mostly for me it is because just 1 year ago, heck 7 months ago I had less than 20 followers.  So, I bring back posts that I believe most of myContinue reading “About Recycling Your Old Posts…”

No, I didn’t really mean that

When I saw this, it made me laugh so hard!  I knew that I wanted to share the laughter with my blogging friends.  I know that it is so true that people feel like they have to “lie” in order to spare people’s feelings.  I don’t have that trait.  I am too honest sometimes, butContinue reading “No, I didn’t really mean that”

Mom Runs for Beer: Instructions on how to start running from a non-pro.

I started running a couple months after Jordan was born.  I ran 2 1/2 marathons, a few 10K and many 5K, I still wouldn’t call myself a “runner”.  Too many expectations 😉 Now before I start this, let me just tell you, I’ve been running for 3 months. I am similar to that lady whoContinue reading “Mom Runs for Beer: Instructions on how to start running from a non-pro.”

Lying to our kids

I had forgotten all about this conversation with my ex.  It happened a year ago on my birthday.  I hope that now, they know I had no ill intentions or malice when talking to the kids about it! First off I would like to say this is a topic that I am genuinely interested inContinue reading “Lying to our kids”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 8/18

Hi, Being a teenager in 2016 is about hanging out with friends, falling in love and various ups and downs along the way. It’s freaking out about HSC’s and exams before they even happen. It’s about relishing every extra moment of sleep you get on the weekends/holidays. It’s about having to break away from hopelessContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 8/18”