FBF: Nothing to Prove

Ever since I wrote this post, my outlook has been much different.  Slowly but surely over the last year, I have noticed that I have nothing to prove.  I am me, with all the flaws and I am damn proud of who I am. I woke up this morning having made the decision to notContinue reading “FBF: Nothing to Prove”

JUST ME AND THE KIDS (Guest post by Stephanie)

I was honored to do a Guest Post for Cordelia’s Mom.  Thank you for having me.  Also, thank you for allowing me to post about something that was important to me. I’m honored to present a new guest poster – Stephanie of Making Time For Me.  No, Stephanie’s not “new” – she has more followersContinue reading “JUST ME AND THE KIDS (Guest post by Stephanie)”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 9/29

What’s it like to be a teen in 2016? Being a teen is not only a troubling time for most of us, for a lot of us it is the time when we slowly realize that we are not children anymore and become more understanding of the world around us. We become aware of theContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 9/29”

Black Cat Blue Sea Award

Ciera (I am sure that I spelled it wrong, I feel like I always do) over at You’re Not Alone in This World nominated me.  I just feel so much like we were meant to meet.  She is on the other side of the country from me, but I feel such a connection to her.Continue reading “Black Cat Blue Sea Award”

Manic Monday Check-In: 9/26

Good Morning and Happy Monday.  Another week has come and one here on Making Time For Me.  It was a slow week.  My husband was on vacation from work, so instead of waking up early and getting on my computer every morning, I slept in and relaxed with him. My writing was down and myContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 9/26”

Everything I packed in my hospital bag

I am the type of person who believes ‘rather over pack than under pack’ and this has never applied more than when I packed my hospital bag. I like to prepare well ahead so this bag was packed around late 6 months early 7 months into my pregnancy, but we only needed to use it… viaContinue reading “Everything I packed in my hospital bag”

The Seastar Thrower

I work for a place called Starfish Family Services.  Our Organization was founded on the Starfish story.  You can make a difference. *I heard/read this story long ago so I don’t remember the specifics. I have adapted to to my own storytelling abilities. The beach was small and quiet, tucked out of the way. ThereContinue reading “The Seastar Thrower”