All the kids/grandkids



This is a picture of my family!!!  It was taken yesterday at my nephew’s first birthday party.  From left to right.  In the back row our niece Morgan, brother-in-law Chad, me, Paul, our daughter Jordan, our son Isaiah and my Dad. Front row my sister Dawn, our sons Elijah, Noah and James, our daughter Sienna, my Mom and nephew Kaleb.

I bet that when my parents had just 2 kids, they didn’t anticipate having 8 grandchildren. My Dad has 3 brothers, and my grandparents ended up with just 3 grand-kids.  My Mom has a brother and a sister and that set of grandparents also ended up with just 3 grand-kids.

We are so lucky so have this giant family that we have made.  I mean it is still pretty small compared to other people’s families, but from this family of 4 we have turned into a family of 14!!

Everyone has boys and girls.  We have brothers, sisters, girl cousins, boy cousins and 8 children ranging in age from 14 to 1.  How very very lucky are we?

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4 thoughts on “All the kids/grandkids

  1. Being from a very small family I married into what we affectionately call “a clan.” My kids have 23 first cousins on one-sided spacing from 13 to 51 years-old. First cousins once removed adds another 45 (and counting). I ❤ it and hope my kids continue the big family someday!

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