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I was nominated by Getting Though Anxiety for this feature.  B.G. writes about anxiety and how to make your way through that experience.  B.G. is also a contributing author on TheSeeds4Life blog that is also truly inspiring.  Thank you for the nomination B.G.

The Rules:

1] Download the Rec’d & Wreck’d header and include it in your post.
[2] Specify what you’re going to Rec’d & Wreck’d. If you were tagged to do a Rec’d & Wreck’d post, let us know and mention the person who tagged you.
[3] List three things you would recommend (rec’d). Rave until your heart’s content.
[4] List three things you would like to wreck (wreck’d). Rant until your heart’s content.
[5] State your challenge for the next Rec’d & Wreck’d post. Here’s an example:
Rec’d & Wreck’d challenge:
– Type: Books
– Genre: YA Contemporary
– Prompt: I’m looking for a book that can make me ugly cry

[6] You can open the challenge to all your blog readers, but you should nominate at least seven (7) people to do your challenge.
[7] Do not forget to link back to the original post on That Bookshelf Bitch. That way, more people can learn about the feature and join in on the fun!

To find out more about Rec’d & Wreck’d, click here!

I am going to be completely honest and say that I am not really sure what in the world is supposed to happen with this feature.  LOL.  However, I am just going to choose a type and pick 3 I love and 3 I hate, seems simple enough.

3 Movies that I would Rec’d…I am picking movies that I think there is a good chance you have not seen.

  1. Blended_Drew-Barrymore_Adam-Sandler_South-Africa_2014

It is corny and cheesy just like you want a Barrymore and Sandler movie to be.  However, because of this giant blended family we are in, it just hits my heart.  I love it, I tear up every time.

2. MV5BMTA1Mjc4ODI0NzReQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDQ3MzAwMjkx._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_

The Fundamentals of Caring.  Paul and I watched this on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing.  It doesn’t hurt that I ❤ Paul Rudd and think that he is just one of the most amazing actors ever!

3. 5flights-up.jpg

It has been a little while since Paul and I watched this movie.  It really touched me though. Watching the movie it took you through this couple’s love story and how they had made it to the point they were at in their life.  Two terrific actors and a beautiful movie.

3 Movies that I would Wreck’d…Movies that I can go the rest of my life without seeing.

Movies that I dread watching, but I know other people LOVE.

1. MV5BMTI1OTExNTU4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzIwMzQyMQ@@._V1_UY268_CR4,0,182,268_AL_

Seriously I can go the rest of my life without watching this movie.  We watch it EVERY year, EVERY year!!!  BAH.

2. 51d17yMqhVL

I have seen this movie exactly 1 time.  On Christmas Day the year it came out.  I have never watched it again and fully intend not to!

3. thumbnail_poster_color-PulpFiction_11r2_Approved_640x360_141767235537

I have seen this movie twice.  Once when it first came out, I think that I was a freshman in high school.  I didn’t like it then.  A few years ago I watched it again with Paul.  I gave it a second chance, thinking that maybe there was a lot that I didn’t understand the first go round.  Nope, as it turns out I still don’t like it.  It has A LOT to do with the drugs.

OK, so here is where I cheat.  If you have seen this feature and read to the end, go for it. Tell us 3 things that you would Rec’d and 3 that you would Wreck’d.  Books, Movies, Songs, TV Shows….whatever suits you!

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