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Do Your Part

Yesterday I was given a coin from a Trauma Conference.  A conference that I was unable to attend, but my co-workers brought me this blank orange coin or poker chip of sorts.  They told me that I should write on both sides.  On one side should be what I could do in the moment that Trauma/Stress was occurring (I wrote count to 10).  On the other side I was to write what I could do in my life so that stresses wouldn’t feel so stressful and I wrote Exercise and Eat Right.  So, this post really spoke to me today!

As a therapist I see people in different levels of emotional distress. Some will ask me what counseling will do to fix their problems. I remind them I am not a magician. I just put the tools on the table. Some pick them up. Some want me to pick them up and do the work […]

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