Thoughts of Abundance

law of attraction

“You must tip the balance of your thoughts from lack-of-money to more-than-enough-money.  Think more thoughts of abundance than of lack” -The Secret on Twitter

I read this on Monday and it stayed on my mind throughout the week.

My husband says that I would worry about money whether we had $5.00 or $5 million dollars.  I think that he is pretty close to accurate, though I would like to change that.

I have been working on it looking at it differently, paying bills differently and trying to stress out less.  It hasn’t been a 180 turn around quite yet, but I am trying.

We got paid yesterday and I paid our bills.  That always makes me a feel a little bit better. Went grocery shopping and then on my way home swung by the gas station. Well…someone paid for my gas!  I can’t even believe it.  It was such a wonderful thing, a blessing and I fully intend to pay it forward.

Then this morning I received an e-mail that I qualified for the “Budget-plan” again for DTE.  I had been released after falling behind last month.  Though, with getting paid yesterday and paying a huge chunk of the bill, I am back on.  Which means that my payment for next month is less than half of the payment I had to make this month.

Thinking thoughts of abundance more than lack!!

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6 thoughts on “Thoughts of Abundance

  1. The Law of Attraction never fails, but it all depends on you, what you think is what you get, its as simple as that, what you really think, so watch out for anything sneaking in or lying deep, its all about your belief system, abundance is all around us always, and we all have the same right to it, the universe does not judge anyone. Miracles can always happen, keep going it looks as though you are aligned….have a great journey

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  2. I like browsing at Hallmark stores occasionally because they have a lot of products with inspirational sayings on them. My absolute favorite is: “If you want to feel rich, just count all the gifts you have that money can’t buy.” Think about it.

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