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Manic Monday Check-In: 9/19

Hey guys!  It is already another Monday and time to check-in for the week.  I am so happy that Monday is here.  We had a very busy weekend that I had been anxious about for a long time.  Both my husband and our 3 year old were in a wedding.  For the last few months our 3 year old, Noah insisted that we would not be doing his job at the wedding because he didn’t want to be a ring bearer.  Well he did and it was great!

Anyway, last week a pretty typical week here.  657 views from 268 visitors and 298 likes with 44 comments.

The most read post was FBF: Just a Little Bit Scared.  A post that I wrote a year ago while I was supposed to be training for a half marathon.  Training that I never fully did and a race that I decided not to run.  However, the point of the post is the same!  My favorite post of the week was Thoughts of Abundance.

I had at least 2 new countries visit last week Fiji and The Maldives!  How exciting, hello and I hope that you continue to read.

31 new followers this week.  WOW, that is the most new followers that I have received in one week in a long time, maybe forever.  So, awesome.

I have been more active on my social media accounts, more than just Facebook.  I think that I am getting a hang of Twitter and Instagram a little bit more and perhaps that is helping my blog following.

Anyway, I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!!  Happy Monday 🙂



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