Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 9/22

Thursday Teenage Spotlight


Hi! I’m Lily Jo,

So you ask me ‘Being a teen of 2016’, its safe to say my teen days have gone as I am now reaching 21 in a few months’ time. But being a teen still at heart, I can relate to this haha. Let’s narrow it down to a teenagers thought bubble, what they think ‘the most important’ things are in their lives at this moment in time. Social media, okay I know its not just an important thing for teens, most of the human race use this part of media in their day to day lives, but for teens its about the keeping up to date of the latest trends, makeup tutorials, bloggers, vloggers, fashion and lifestyle! I mean you have the likes of Kylie Jenner, who’s success started in her early teens, LipKits, Hair extensions, Makeup line, these things are pushed into teenager’s news feed and this is the things they strive for. Doesn’t everyone want to be a successful business woman? Thinking about these things at such an early age isn’t the real life of a teenager. Let’s take it back a bit, when I was 13, I had my first mobile, the only thing it could do was text and call my friends, using credit. Bearing in mind I was only aloud 5 pounds of credit a month haha, can anyone else remember having to control your word count on a text so it didn’t go onto 2 pages and cost you 20p instead of 10p? Those were my struggles of being a teenager!

However, skipping back to 2016, pressure, pressure is an issue, teens need to be teens. Being a teenager is a tough enough time anyway, I mean, puberty, new schools, new friends, all different emotions, making important decisions for your life and future. I bet you’re thinking, HOLD ON A MINUTE, I was in school a second ago, learning your basic, math’s, English, science and now I have to choose my career path when I’ve never experienced any type of possible career paths. Okay so you have that, I get it, being a teen is hard. I mean my years at secondary school were the worst for me, typical bullying, feeling left out and friends that you thought daily are they actually my friends? Girls and secondary school, wow bitchy or what. It really is like something out of mean girls, I mean I’m no Regina George, or anything near her group of dazed bobble heads! Best way to describe it is clicky, girls become very clicky once you become a teenager, some good, some bad. But its like having an army girl band, I mean if one of you go down the whole squad comes with ya!! But not everyone’s years of being a teenager is all that bad, I mean some people have the times of their lives and that’s good.

Being a teenager in 2016, doesn’t always have its negatives, I mean I’ve covered a lot but there is personal experience behind my talking! Being in 2016, there are so many more opportunities for teenagers, I mean success and happiness can be found within any aspect of life, you may have thought hobbies could never be careers or dreams? That’s wrong. You can make yourself into anyone you want to be and now your voice will be heard, it is the power of the teenager. Do more of what makes you happy. Being a teenager is tough work and we’ve all had to be one once upon a time, but concentrate on you and your happiness. That’s all that matters!! Choose the correct role models and look down the correct paths, what you do might not be the love for everyone else but that’s what makes it special, because you can do it!!

Don’t wish your life away, I mean I’m heading into my last year of university, eeeeeekkkkkk. And I wish I could resist my exams and not stress as much haha, but its life you learn! Rock being a teenager!

Chow for now,

Lils xx

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