Blogger Recognition Award

  Thank you Lacey over at BigandPinkytoes for nominating me.  I enjoy reading your blog so much.  The variety of things that you post about, there is something for everyone.  Thank you for thinking of me for this award. The rules for accepting this award are: Thank the one who nominated you and embed a link […]

Manic Monday Check-In: 9/19

Hey guys!  It is already another Monday and time to check-in for the week.  I am so happy that Monday is here.  We had a very busy weekend that I had been anxious about for a long time.  Both my husband and our 3 year old were in a wedding.  For the last few months […]

7 reasons why I want to kill Grumpy Boyfriend

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?   Oops, pardon! Wrong title. What I meant was 7 reasons why I want to slap Grumpy Boyfriend in the face. I must apologise if I seem a bit violent today. The thing is, I was in the middle of writing a… Source: 7 reasons why I want […]

Quote of the Week

I have a very hard time trying to be “perfect”.  I know that there is no such thing and it is an unattainable achievement.  So, it is always a let down.  I need to remember that I am already the perfect version of me. I always have this feeling that sometimes I need to be […]