Cracking the Nut on Monday

Monday starts a new working day, much of the weekend fun, ravishing and excitement is back in the knap sack. You’ve been up as early as 4 A.M, plans for the day starts, thoughts about meeting clients, Monday meetings, challenges of having to facing “hard to crack clients” gives one headache. You are at work […]Continue reading “Cracking the Nut on Monday”

Manic Monday Check-In: 9/12

Hey Guys!  Happy Monday to you.  I can’t believe we are now in our second full week of September, second week of school here in Michigan and that much closer to “fall”. Last week was a great week on Making Time for Me.  I was very active on Social Media this week.  Trying much harderContinue reading “Manic Monday Check-In: 9/12”

A Girl’s World

The post was written by a Teenage blogger that found me this week.  When inquiring about the Teenage Spotlight series, she asked if I would share this post for it.  Well, it didn’t fit that feature.  However, it is well worth sharing! Sometimes I wonder how many boys walk down the street and hear whistles,Continue reading “A Girl’s World”

Marriage. Whose Idea Was That?

This post is wonderful.  After reflecting on a failed marriage where my ex and I grew further apart than we did together, it is easy to see how you can lose touch.  Now, 5 years into my current marriage I am much more aware of the effort that needs to be put in.  Finding interestsContinue reading “Marriage. Whose Idea Was That?”

Let’s Talk About Rape And The Failure Of Our System

When I read this I knew that I had to share it.  I have so many thoughts on how ridiculously people treat each other now and days and think they should be able to get away with it.  Rape is no different.  I believe that we have created a culture where we just turn ourContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Rape And The Failure Of Our System”

Whatever Wednesday|Why You Should Be On Twitter (and Other Social Media)

I have had a twitter account for a few months now and ONLY for purposes of my blog.  Instragram I have gone from having on my phone to not having multiple times.  I just got a new phone last week and decided to be much more intentional with my social media as a means ofContinue reading “Whatever Wednesday|Why You Should Be On Twitter (and Other Social Media)”

Introduce Yourself Weekend: 9/10

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one and there are lots of new people reading now.  I like to get to know the people I am reading about and who are reading my stuff.  Just a simple introduction name, where you blog from and anything else you might like to share.  I’ll start. My nameContinue reading “Introduce Yourself Weekend: 9/10”