All the kids/grandkids

This is a picture of my family!!!  It was taken yesterday at my nephew’s first birthday party.  From left to right.  In the back row our niece Morgan, brother-in-law Chad, me, Paul, our daughter Jordan, our son Isaiah and my Dad. Front row my sister Dawn, our sons Elijah, Noah and James, our daughter Sienna, my MomContinue reading “All the kids/grandkids”

Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows

I was nominated by Getting Though Anxiety for this feature.  B.G. writes about anxiety and how to make your way through that experience.  B.G. is also a contributing author on TheSeeds4Life blog that is also truly inspiring.  Thank you for the nomination B.G. The Rules: 1] Download the Rec’d & Wreck’d header and include it inContinue reading “Rec’d and Wreck’d – TV Shows”

Throwback Thursday: School Edition

I decided to share Jess’s post about our kids. Throwback Thursday is here! I love combing through my old photos and reminiscing the memories that come with them. Thursdays are dedicated to just that! First Day of School The picture on the left … Source: Throwback Thursday: School Edition

Successful Blogging: REBLOG

I read recently Blogging is an energy game.When you remove the emotional charge of NEEDING to do any 1 blogging task, and when you relax, and chill, you can do all the creating and connecting necessary to build a successful blog.It won’t feel like work when you’re being it right. Or, doing it right….… via SuccessfulContinue reading “Successful Blogging: REBLOG”

FBF: Cleaning Up After Yourself

As parents we will never stop reminding the kids to clean up after themselves.  As a mother and the kind of person that I am, I will never stop feeling that is important. Saturday night found Paul and I engaged in some heavy discipline with our kids.  5 of the kids were playing downstairs whenContinue reading “FBF: Cleaning Up After Yourself”

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 9/1

What it is like to be a teenager in 2016 Being a teenager in 2016… what is it like? Teenagers today are some of the most misunderstood and pressured age group ever. Stress faced by exams, the impending doom of not being able to fit it, not getting enough likes on social media; whatever itContinue reading “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 9/1”

August: A Month in Review

What a Terrific Month for Making Time For Me! My 3rd best month ever.  3, 251 Views…I can’t even believe that over 3000 times people looked at my content.  1,185 different visitors. 1,555 Likes and 434 comments from different people. 51 different countries stopped by for a visit sometime in August! My most read postContinue reading “August: A Month in Review”