Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 10/6

Thursday Teenage Spotlight
Today’s post is written by Isabella over at Teenage Outsider.  Thank you Isabella for sharing your point of view!!
For me, being a teen in 2016 is quite hectic. Teenagers these days have a lot to worry about. They worry about how they look, what they are going to wear and even who they are hanging out with since none of us want to end up at the bottom of the social food chain. That’s just it, everyone is too busy worrying about outward appearances and how they fit into various social circles that we stop worrying about the things that really matter. 2016 came with a lot of new opportunities for us teens but we aren’t paying attention. Most of us are to busy waltzing through life that we forget that every once in a while we have to stop and look around. Then again there is the issue about peer pressure, these days kids get pressured into doing things that they don’t want to. Teenagers want to be accepted, we want approval and sometimes that’s what drives us to do things that we normally won’t do. Music as silly as it sounds is a huge part of most teenagers lives these days. Teenage years are probably the most sensitive years in any ones life, through these years we crave attention and when we don’t get that from the people around us we start looking for it somewhere else. We listen to music and the lyrics actually feels like someone who understands us wrote it. We fall in love with punk rock bands and take hours just listening to what they have to say. Teenagers want to be heard, we want to be able to say something and know that people somewhere are listening to us even if it doesn’t make sense.Teenage life in this era of technology must be a lot better than it was when there wasn’t any technology but it doesn’t come without a few cons. One of which is the fact that we now live on our cell phones. literally. My mom said that when she was a teen they used to do a lot more work. I guess now we teenagers have a lot of things being handed to us that we don’t even have to try anymore and that stops us from reaching our full potential. Apart from that, being a teenager in 2016 is actually really fun, we have the opportunity to see life in many different ways and to compare life now to the way it used to be before. I’m looking forward to the rest of my teenage years and I still have quite a few years to go until they are over.

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