Wednesday’s Therapy Session

I had therapy yesterday for the first time since the kids were back in school.  I think that the last time I went was the week after my birthday.  So, it had been a little while.

Sessions always start the same, “so tell me what’s been going on ?”  Then whatever I can think of I start spilling.  Which usually ends up being an hour of me just telling her what is going on in my life.  Depending on my body language and my voice, she will stop me and ask me questions about certain events.

The highlights, that I am STILL smoke free.  Since July 30th, which she was very proud of. That lead to me telling her that I have been feeling really good both mentally and physically since then.  However, I have gained about 10 pounds.  In the grand scheme of things those 10 pounds is worth not smoking though.  I also believe that I can shed those 10 pounds.

We also talked about both Paul and Matt switching jobs.  She knew that Matt had taken a new job, but last we had spoke Paul was just interviewing at his job.  I told her that he had accepted it and started last week.  We spoke about the stresses that can bring for multiple reasons.  Money getting tripped up in the system and being on both sides of that, so trying to stay on top of it all.  Time dedication changes and lifestyle changes.

Money…something that I am forever worried about.  My husband says that I would be worried whether we had $2.00 or $2,000 and he is absolutely right.  Though with these changes and the wrench is has thrown in paying bills and doing things that we had planned, I have just kept rolling with the punches and handling them.  My therapist, Hillary, said to me “How does it feel to be handling it?”  Well, it feels good!  It is nice to realize that there is nothing that I can do about it, other than stay on top of it, explain it and do what I can do when I can do it!

A weird moment that I had last week regarding Matt’s new place of employment.  Where he works now, is right around the corner from my house.  He is working at a new restaurant, getting it ready for its opening some time later this month.  Last week, the kids and I were driving passed and they BEGGED me to stop by to see their Dad.  I tried to explain to them how weird it was, but they didn’t get it.  Why should they?  They just wanted to say “HI” to their Dad.  So, I pulled in, called Matt and told him that I was in the parking lot!  It meant a lot to the kids and I think that it made Matt happy too.

Hillary and I spent most of the hour, just catching up.  However, she didn’t stop me about anything and ask me to talk about what my body was doing or feeling.  That is when I am getting “yelled at”.  LOL, Hillary doesn’t ever yell at me, but when I have to talk about my body language that is when I realize that I feel differently than I am saying that I feel about a situation.  Well, I didn’t have to do that at all yesterday.  The conversation was very fluid and I was very grateful to have my check in with her.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

One thought on “Wednesday’s Therapy Session

  1. Congratulations on being smoke free for over 2months! Stay strong! I heard that if you chew gum helps… people usually replace the smoking habit with eating more food… Good luck! It is very good for you!

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