What Do You Think About…Blogging for Sponsorship’s?

What Do You Think??

I was approached by a Marketing company recently asking me to write a blog speaking to a group of products.

I have never done such a think before, but this is the ultimate right?

I mean as a writer having someone reach out to you and ask you to write about something specific for them.  A product that you know of, you believe in and can actually talk about.

They seem to think that I am an Mama Influencer Blog of some sort.  Which is honestly such a compliment.

I need you guys to tell me that this could be a good idea.  I need you to tell me about any experience you have in this department.  Help me feel confident in my choice to say “yes”.

I will be writing my first post this weekend and I want to do a great job, make them happy, so that they ask me to do it again!!

Any tips, comments or suggestions that you have…I am all ears!

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

10 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Blogging for Sponsorship’s?

  1. In principal it’s a great opportunity as you blog about stuff anyway. If you can get some sort of recompense in products or fiscal gain then I’d say bonus! Caveat p, you mentioned, you have to be able to be impartial. Just because they say review this does not invite or obligate a brilliant review if said item is, for want of a better word, pants.

    If they are a good marketing company they will want absolute honesty. If it’s a bad review because the item is bad then they will want to know that just as much as if it is uber brilliant. Never feel you MUST give something a good review. If it’s really terrible then you have two options.

    1) review it as exactly that.
    2) contact them first saying I just cannot find anything good about this, are you sure you want the review live.

    The answer to (2) will tell you a lot about the credibility of the company. I’d have moral issues if they said no because it would mean they just want positive spin. A really impressive marketing company should be interested in both good and bad because it is in their commercial interests.

    I say go for it with eyes wide open 😊

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    1. Thank you Gary. For this particular opportunity is just a post about a topic, so I am just integrating the topic into my normal writing!! And it is something that I believe in and know a lot about, so I am comfortable with that 🙂

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      1. Ooh, sounds exciting. In fact that suggests far less complications than the ones I was alluding to. Looking forward to seeing what you say now! Good luck with it too 😊

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