Thursday Teenage Spotlight
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Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 10/13

Hey everyone! My name is Aly Grace, I’m a 19 year old university student from Canada who blogs about everything from lifestyle to beauty to fashion. I’m here to talk about what it’s like being a teenager in 2016. 

I have a lot of mixed emotions about being a teenager in this day and age, so I’m going to start with the negatives. (So I can end on a positive note, of course).

Let’s start with dating. Not only is it ridiculous, but it’s nearly impossible. The fact that some people are too scared to go up and ask someone out on a date, so they do it over social media drives me insane. How are you planning to start a relationship if you can’t even speak to them in person?! Oh yeah, you’re not planning on starting a relationship. That’s another thing about dating in 2016. Nobody takes dating or relationships seriously. Nobody wants to use labels like “boyfriend and girlfriend”, everyone is just “talking”. My wonderful boyfriend and I have been together over a year now, but the beginning of our “relationship” was annoying. He and I were “talking” and “hanging out” for four months before we actually became official. Four months of me being confused on why he wouldn’t call me his girlfriend. In my opinion, people don’t label things so they can talk to other girls/boys without feeling bad because they’re not in a relationship. People are scared of commitment! 

Sometimes I wish the internet didn’t exist, so boys and girls would spend hours talking on their house phones like it used to be. Or boys would have to come up to your doorstep and meet your dad to pick you up for a first date, not sit in the driveway and text you, “I’m here, come outside.” I truly think that 2016 is killing romance, and as a hopeless romantic, it breaks my heart.

As much as I wish that the internet didn’t exist sometimes, it is a big part of my life. I hate to admit it, but if the internet just disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t know what to do with 99% of my time. I just love being able to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. I love having access to so much information on demand; as a university student I have a whole new love for the internet.

However, my favourite part of being a teenager in 2016 is watching the world develop. For example, seeing gay marriage being legalized around the world and a woman run for president are just some of the things that make me so happy to be alive for. I can’t wait to see the great things that will continue to happen this year!

Thanks for listening,

-xo Aly Grace (


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