What Do You Think About…Lower Stats?

What Do You Think??

Hey all my blogging friends!!  I am wondering if like me you have noticed a decrease in your stats in the last couple of months?

Then more than that, I am wondering if you have been around blogging regularly longer than I have and you know that this is something that happens yearly?

Does it have to do with the time of year?  The months of September and October specifically?

Do we read and write more when it is summer in the United States?  As that is where the majority of my readership is from, I am wondering if the season effects it?

For anyone who has been around and has answers or even ideas I would love to hear what you have to say.

What do you think the cause of the lower views and visitors over the last couple of months?

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9 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Lower Stats?

  1. I have noticed very decreased stats over the past 4-5 months, worse the past two weeks. I did see this happen some last year. Looking at things more closely, it seems many people have simply left blogging. We will see what it is like after January first….

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  2. Looking back at my stats for the ast three years..two on my own and one on WP………there is a slight decrease between may and June, then they start plummeting in late June through Early September. Right back up again in late September and continue to rise until the US Thanksgiving..then it is down again to almost nothing the week of Christmas. They start rising again on NY eve for some unexplainable reason. hope that helps you.

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  3. I just started blogging on February but I did think my stats were interesting. They doubled each month from March through May and decreased by half reach month from June through September. I posted many more posts but they were meet and greets which I’m not hosting anymore so I don’t mind the decreased traffic because the engagement has been stronger and that’s what I’m in it for. 😉

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  4. Yeah, I was thinking ok maybe it’s me and people are not wanting to read what I write! The views, visitors, down. It is really odd. For the last 3 weeks I’d say. I’ve had my blog over a year now.

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  5. I’ve noticed it too. I had a real surge towards the middle of summer, but ever since September things have slowed down. Maybe with school being back in full swing, people are busy and schedules are full? Not sure. But glad to hear it’s not just me.

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