Thankful Project Pt. 2

What Stephanie Has to Say

Last Saturday I gave my first 5 things that I am grateful for in Thankful Project: Pt 1.  I went into to detail about them, but here is a list to help me keep track.

1. My children.

2. My husband.

3. My bank account.

4. Fall in Michigan.

5. Insurance.  

6.  My laptop.  Without which I would not be able to sit in my bed on Saturday morning and start typing up a blog.  The convenience of laying in bed, watching a recorded show from the night before and also getting my thoughts out there.

7.  Jobs.  All the jobs that Paul has had, that I have had and that others I care about have.  Having a job is something to be thankful for.  We work hard and sometimes it feels like we work too hard and others not hard enough.  I believe that it all balances out though.  We are so fortunate to have somewhere to go every day so that we can provide for our families.

8.  Dishwasher, Dryer, Washing Machine…modern conveniences.  Appliances that help me to get a little more work done in my day.  That work hard so that I can multiple things done at the same time.  

9.  My agency Shareholders meetings.  Yesterday was one of our semi-annual meetings.  A time where most of the organization comes together for a morning meeting.  We greet new employees, recognize long-term employees, do team building exercises and award 1 employee each term with the “employee excellence award.”

10. Comcast…LOL.  For our household cable is a necessary evil.  We have it so that we can watch sports.  The one thing that Netflix and Hulu can’t help with.  All the sports in real time!  So, even though all the providers are god awful we have Comcast.  Yesterday when my 4 year old decided to purchase a movie On Demand for $15.99…they very graciously credited my account.

11. Crock pots!  I have 2 and boy do I use them.  Soup, nachos, pasta, stew, chili, roast, chicken and rice…you name it and my crock-pot makes it.  They are such a blessing. When you are like me and love planning ahead, but also have a full time job…dump everything in the crock-pot in the morning and your dinner is ready for you when you get home!  

12. KROGER!  This is where I grocery shop.  I know that not everywhere in the world, not even in the U.S. or Michigan has Kroger, but I am so thankful that everywhere I have lived has.  I started shopping at Kroger when I was in college, in a small town and that was the closest grocery store to campus.  I have never looked back.  Between the good sales, the kroger card that saves you even more money and NOW because of my insurance I get an even greater discount, I can always by way more for my household for way less.  PLUS, everything that I buy there earns me points towards gas.  Their gas station always has the cheapest gas anyway and then on top of that I save $.10, $.20, $.30 or even $.40 off a gallon.  OH, so many reasons to love Kroger.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

5 thoughts on “Thankful Project Pt. 2

    1. LOL….Good Morning pretty lady!! I still hand wash some dishes and even rinse everything before it goes in, but it is super helpful, especially when all 6 kids are home. I have to run that thing after breakfast before we can serve dinner, LOL.

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      1. Lol mornin! And I have to do them by hand. We got a mini dishwasher that plugs in and hooks to the sink but the sensor went out in it and it doesn’t drain correctly so it’s just a hassle. Next house we get though wether it’s a rental or we buy one, it WILL have a dishwasher lol.

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  1. I love the idea of a thankful project! I might have to do something similar!! I can’t live without my crockpot, something so simple yet such an important staple in the household! I don’t know how I ever lived without one LOL

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