What Do You Think About…Moving Forward?

What Do You Think??


My friend Jess over at Not The Average Mama sent this screen shot to me yesterday!!  For those of you who don’t know, Jess the stepmom to 2 of my children.  She is married to my ex-husband.  Due to the nature of how our relationship started, we were both VERY slow to warm up to each other.

I shared this on Facebook and said this “Jess, Jordan and James step mom shared this with me today.  3 years ago (when we weren’t friends) she posted this on her Facebook page.  I think that if Jess and I have figured out how to be friends….so can all the people who have different political views.  Just saying!”

I have had so many Facebook friends who are tearing one another apart because they voted differently than they did.  This is America, where we have the freedom to choose and vote for whomever we feel is the best candidate.

I have friends who voted for the opposite candidate.  Not for a minute has it ran through my head that they are now because of that vote, completely different people then I thought they were to begin with.

So, what do you think?  Are you ready to move forward?  Can you stop tearing each other apart and down and simply just start doing what is right for the country?

It really isn’t all the much different.  The more that Jess and I focused on our children and our families, the less we found reasons to hurt each other!  I love Jess and I love my friends and family who voted for Trump.  End of story.


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