Please Think Good Thoughts…

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On Sunday Paul got pre-approved for a mortgage.  That means we are officially house-hunting.

I am terrified that something will come up and they will decide to take it back!  That they will find something that they don’t like in our credit reports (it isn’t pretty).  That we won’t find enough family members who love us enough to “gift us” money toward the down payment (we don’t have enough).

Both Paul and I lived in a home that was “ours” once upon a time.  A lifetime ago, with our previous spouses.  When he moved out 10 years ago and me 6 years ago…it has been rentals ever since.

Divorce, being a single income household and still trying to provide the best for your kids can really mess with you credit when you let it.

Paul and I have been forced out of our last two homes.  Told just a couple months before we needed to be out that we needed to find a new place to live.  We vowed that the last time we moved that would NEVER happen to us again.

We will find a house, a home for a family.  We will work to better ourselves, our credit so that we can buy a home that no one can make us leave.

Well we are on our way to that right now.  So, please pray for us.  Pray that it all works out. That the lender decides we are worth the risk, that we will be First Time Home Buyers and find the money we need for a down payment.  Please lift us up in your thoughts!

Just as a note, 4 of the houses that we have really liked have been sold since we started looking on Sunday.  We are looking at one tonight, hopefully, it is our favorite.  Then tomorrow we are going back out again!

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9 thoughts on “Please Think Good Thoughts…

    1. My credit is still really bad because of bad spending choices while I was going through my divorce. Paul got preapproved on his own, which was a relief. Both because I can take a breather from being anxious about my score, but also because I feel more comfortable with the price point he was approved for.

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