What Do You Think About….House Hunting?

What Do You Think??

After some talking last weekend, my husband took a chance and decided to see if he could get pre-approved for a mortgage.

To our pleasant surprise he was.  After years of hard work on both of our parts.  Between cleaning up our credit and advancing in our careers, we have made it.

Well, as it turns out getting pre-approved is the easy part, LOL!

Then you really start looking at houses.  We both had been looking on Zillow for months, dreaming about what our future house might look like.  I actually had stopped for awhile because it was getting depressing to see things that I knew wouldn’t be on the market when we were ready.

Now we are ready.  We know what our minimum qualifications of a house are.  We know what we need to fit our family, we know what we need and also what we want.  Homes have been added to our list, we look over every detail over and over again.  A few of the houses that we like have already gone into pending status, so those then have to come off the list of possibilities.

Last week we went and saw like 8 home.  A few of them that were very easy to take off the list right away and a few more that have really made us think.  We took the kids with us to some of them, they fall in love and ask if we can move in right away, LOL!  They really are offering some good input though.  Looking at things from a different point of view.

It is exciting, it is anxiety ridden, there are high and there are lows.  House hunting is a whirlwind for sure.

What do you think?  What are your experiences with house hunting?  I know that there may be both positive and negative experiences, but for now could we please limit them to the positive?  As I am right in the thick of it right now and don’t want to think about what could go wrong, only what can go right!  Please 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Think About….House Hunting?

  1. We love house hunting! Or sometimes we love it! Our last kids are in college now…and we bought our current house when all four were at home. With one girl and 3 boys, we had some MUSTS: a) our girl needed her own room & bathroom, b) each of our kids needed their own rooms, c) we needed a separate living room and family room. Some others…big yard…big kitchen… Funny thing is we bought this big ole house and everyone had their own room and I worked really hard to make them individual, allowing the kids to select their paint, etc…and for the first two months they all slept in the same room! IF I had it to do again, I’d buy the same house…it is awesome and flexible and draped with beautiful trees and in a neighborhood that is great to ride bikes and nice people…but I’d set up the 3 bedrooms like this: a sleeping porch/room with 3 beds, a playroom (where they could leave their massive lego & other building projects out at all times) and a study room – devoted to quiet space for studying ONLY. Enjoy as you walk through the houses…picture your family…go with your gut. Have fun!!!

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  2. think outside the box when you go…..you know you need a room with bath for the girls..think about the master bedroom for them. find a sanctuary for yourself and the hubs. have a huge eat in kitchen? change out a formal dining room for a kids play/study area. easier to keep an eye on them that way. See rooms as possibilities………it makes it more fun to look and your needs may actually change when you start thinking that way.

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  3. House hunting is one of my most loved things to do, even when I am not really in search for a house. Seeing all the possibilities makes my heart skip a beat 😀 Although it could get frustrating sometimes when the price is too high for the budget, or it’s too awesome but kind of far from school! Ahhhh… all in all, it’s a delightful experience!

    I wish you all the best in your hunting!

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  4. I have been house hunting probably more than any other person I know. I just remember a lot of looking, a lot of crossing off my lists, a lot of “maybes” and then…..every single time. It never failed….I walked into a house and said “this is the one.” I think you’ll just know. Don’t settle because it is out there! 🙂

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