Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 11/24

Thursday Teenage Spotlight

This post was written by Mila at Inaneblog.

It’s a great life. You are so free. Let me just say that. Generation Z is one of the best generations to be in with the world’s current state. You are able to do and go anywhere and have access to everything thanks to technology.

However this amount of freedom for a teenager is almost too much to handle. This unlimited amount of freedom has teens doing pretty much whatever the hell they want. They get into a lot of trouble with society and mix with the wrong people. Every teen is exposed to more than they need and the need to be rated ‘cool’ buy other teens is immense. They do things under peer pressure and instantly regret it. Ever thought why this could be? Ever thought about the teaching they received or the examples that were set for them?

Don’t get me wrong, every teen has a brain and should think about what they are going to do. They should eliminate the peer pressure and fomo (fear of missing out) and decide if that’s what they want in life. But….

They are labeled for life by mostly adults,elderly people but sometimes teens themselves. Addicted. Wash out. Brainless. Self centered. People forget why teens are this way. They forget that the people of the previous generation has set this all up. They forget that they are upset about there own generations teaching. They taught teens to be like that. They showed examples to teens of what ‘living life’ is. They showed the wrong examples.

Society of all ages are taught that teens are such misfits in life and are causing havock in this world. Yes I do agree that they are causing a lot of it but I have to say that the freedom teens receive is a lot more and the laws or rules haven’t been adjusted accordingly.

Recently society is all about “don’t judge. Judge free zone.” Yet it turns around and judges. Society is never pleased with anything or anyone. Things like “you’re fat” “you’re ugly” “you’re too skinny” “you’re too emotional” “you’re weird” “you don’t fit in” “why are you even here?” “you’re an accident” “you’re a disgrace to human nature” “go kill yourself”

All these things and people of all ages – including teens – expect teens and tweens to live a healthy life where they don’t doubt themselves? Because of this around 850,000 teenagers have some sort of mental disorder. An unnecessary mental disorder. Just because someone said something just to be ‘cool’ and just to give them some form of insecurities.

Teenagers are not kids anymore, no matter how hard they try. They are expected to act like adults but treated like children. They make mistakes, more than once. They are curious and insecure and mature all at once. How does society outcast that? As wrong. Society is killing teens. More teens are committing suicide that ever before and people call them “crazy”. Families are losing loved ones as we speak just because someone labeled them something that’s not true, someone said something that’s not true.

Living in this generation is so much fun despite the underlying problems we as teens face everyday. Some days it is really hard and others it is the best day of your life! Being a teen in 2016 is incredible but something within society needs to change to make it a safe, welcome and enjoyable environment always and it starts with you and I to make this change happen.


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