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I haven’t been on much over the last couple of days.  Partially because it is Thanksgiving Weekend, but also because we had an offer accepted on a house!!

Can you believe it?

Now the whirlwind starts.  The paperwork, the checks that need to be written, the time that needs to be put into it.  The offer was accepted on Wednesday morning.  That is when the ticking clocks began.

One week to have an inspection.  So, on Thanksgiving I was connecting with Home Inspectors to make an appointment.  Tomorrow at 10am, I will spend a couple of hours at our new home hoping that everything checks out alright!

I have submitted all the paperwork necessary so far.  Written a check of earnest money! But, the list of things to do continues to be added to.

As of right now our closing date is scheduled for January 10th!  The sellers will have possession for 30 days past that, so in the middle of February we will be able to move into our new home.

It was the first home that I went and saw after Paul was pre-approved.  The very first home that I walked in to.  At the time there was an offer in on it and I didn’t want to stress out and rush Paul to see it, so I just said “no its OK”.  Well 5 days later there still wasn’t an accepted offer, so I decided to ask Paul if he wanted to go through it.

Anyway, we put in an offer late Tuesday night and by Wednesday at 11am it was accepted! It was meant to be.  This was meant to be our families home.  I am so excited about this next step for our family.  A home, a home that is ours, that we can make ours.  Not just a space that we are borrowing from someone else.

Any hopes, prayers and thoughts that you can send our way would be much appreciated!


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12 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Congratulations, Stephanie! I remember when we bought our home 20 years ago. I was so excited that it would be OURS and the kids could play in their OWN YARD. And no one could tell me not to paint the walls and not to hang whatever I damn well pleased on those walls.

    I forget what state you’re in, but here in New York closings seldom occur on the contract date due to the new banking regulations. Don’t give notice where you are until the closing has actually been scheduled. My daughter gave notice too soon and almost had to move back in with us for a week because her closing got delayed. The fact that you’re allowing the sellers 30 days post-occupancy will help a lot. I hope that when hubby and I buy a new house (hopefully next spring), the people who buy our house will grant us a post-occupancy so we can actually get out on time.

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  2. Congratulations! BUT…what do you mean, the owners will have possession for 30 days after you close? You will own the house. Are they going to pay you rent? And what does your insurance company say about that? That leaves you and them vulnerable, should something happen to the sellers or to the house in that time period. I have never heard of such a thing. I would be afraid of the liability.

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  3. You will never love a home so much as the first time you buy one…I am so very happy for you and your family!
    That 30 day occupancy clause is pretty standard in a bunch of states. We had the same thing when we sold our home and bought another. We waited for the payoff to get our down payment on the next one. It gives everyone some breathing room too.

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