What Do You Think About….Money?

What Do You Think??

Last month I put together this post Money…..get away…..or…..come here!!!

A couple weeks after that happened Paul got pre-approved for a mortgage.  Then we were on the house hunt.  Then last Wednesday we had an offer accepted.

Getting into this house is a dream and a financial relief of sorts.  Moving into our own house will cost us hundreds less a month than rent does.

In the mean time however, we need to come up with the money for closing.  The majority of our closing costs were covered by seller concessions, another blessing.  However, you still need to cover the down payment and the rest of the pre-paids.

I am trying to liquidate my 403B to use as the down payment, which would help us tremendously.  Even though I have only been contributing to it for about 17 months now, I have accumulated a little.  So I can “request” a hardship withdrawal.  The key word there is request.  I could turn in all the paperwork and they could deny it.  They aren’t going to though, right?  Think positively.  They will see that this is a hardship, that it is a need and grant it to me!

When you have financial things weighing on you, do you lose sleep over them?  Do you keep telling yourself to think positively and it will all work itself out?  Do you just believe what is meant to be will clearly be and keep plugging along?

I love this house.  I spend 2 hours there yesterday during the inspection.  I saw my children there, myself cooking in the kitchen and our friends out in the yard.  THIS IS OUR HOUSE. The house itself is well within our means, so we just have to scrape up the money for closing and all will be well.

So, if you know of any rich people….



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