Please Think Good Thoughts…

On Sunday Paul got pre-approved for a mortgage.  That means we are officially house-hunting. I am terrified that something will come up and they will decide to take it back!  That they will find something that they don’t like in our credit reports (it isn’t pretty).  That we won’t find enough family members who love […]

TBF: My Fourth Therapy Session

It has been a little while since I went to Therapy.  Both due to time and finances right now.    So, I am throwing it back to a therapy session post. Alright, so upon completing blogs about my first 3 sessions, I realized that I have left out a couple of important to me details […]

Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 11/17

Hi! I’m Manuli and my blog is at The Midnight Illusions. I’m 19 years and I’m a medical student.  Well, my teenage life is reaching it’s end, but for what’s worth, it has been the best of all times. I’ve only lived 19 years on this earth so that’s obvious. Anyhow, I’m not the party-type, though […]

Moving Forward Pt. 2

Yesterday as part of my What Do You Think About…Moving Forward? I shared this image Well….then yesterday on my TimeHop I found this… Looks like we had been admiring each other from afar, without actually telling each other for years!!!  Great minds think a like.  3 years ago we thought the exact same thing was worth giving […]

What Do You Think About…Moving Forward?

My friend Jess over at Not The Average Mama sent this screen shot to me yesterday!!  For those of you who don’t know, Jess the stepmom to 2 of my children.  She is married to my ex-husband.  Due to the nature of how our relationship started, we were both VERY slow to warm up to each […]

Guest post: ‘How I overcame hurdles in my life through Psychotherapy’

My Guest Post from Yesterday This weekend we have a guest post from my blogger friend Stephanie, who opens up about how she sought help through psychotherapy many years after a difficult relationship. Thank you Stephanie! Hi, … Source: Guest post: ‘How I overcame hurdles in my life through Psychotherapy’

Why can’t we agree to disagree anymore? 

I love this post.  It is written so wonderfully.  We can agree to disagree!! This 2016 presidential election has taught me a lot. I learned that I need to educate myself more on the government and how it works because I’m really naive to the process and I want to be b… Source: Why can’t […]