Thursday Teenage Spotlight
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Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/8

Hi I’m Jordyn Thompson my blog is JordynGraceThompson Blog – Teen stuff

Being a teen In 2016 is one word. Difficult. We are different. From any other generation. We’re growing up in a continuous world that is constantly changing more then ever before. Take the 2016 election, being a teenager through this controversial event is very difficult and different for us because we are having to grow up learning new perspectives of the world while the people around us are capable to understand a lot more then us. As I see it, the world is constantly spinning while us teens are sitting still in the middle watching as everything is moving. While going through many different changes in our world we’re also the generation that is built with our phones and devices. That’s how we’ve grown up and we’re so obsessed with these “things” that we don’t fully understand why our parents and elders are shaking their heads at us while we’re so busy on our litttle screens. Teens in 2016 will not only grow up knowing change but also we’ll know how to be able to transition to new things happening

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