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What Do You Think About…Format Changes?

For 2017 I want to create new daily topics.  My topics for this year have really done me well, but I want to switch it up until I feel like I have really hit that Jackpot!!

I would really like some feedback on topics!

Since my blog is called Making Time For Me, I want to have topics that lend themselves more to me, my health and my family.

I want to start writing more specifically about my family.  How we do things, what things look like in our household with this crazy blended brood of ours.

For Monday’s I am thinking of something as simple as “Making Time For Me Monday” where I will talk about all the ways I was able to take time for myself either in the week before, or plan to in the week ahead.  Thoughts?

For Tuesday’s I am think of “Taking Care of Myself Tuesday” which could either have to do with working out, eating right or my mental health.  Does that make sense, does it sound focused enough?

For Wednesday’s I am really looking for some ideas!! ” What would Stephanie Do Wednesday?” “What Stephanie has to say Wednesday” What’s on the menu Wednesday?” Thoughts?  What would you like to read about, what sounds good and interesting to you?

For Thursday’s, this one is hard.  For all of 2016 Thursday were devoted to the Teenage Spotlight.  Which I loved doing, but I think a year of Teenage blogger guest posts is good!! Now, for something else.  “Thankful Thursday” or “Thoughtful Thursday” where I can post a good quote or all the positives that I see around me.  I think that the month of November is focused on being Thankful, well why not the rest of the year?

For Friday’s I am going to stick with Flashback Friday.  I like being able to go back into the archives to share posts that I wrote!!

Please, give me your feedback!  What do you think, what should I do, what kind of posts would you like to read from me?


11 thoughts on “What Do You Think About…Format Changes?”

  1. Monday and Tuesday sound very similar, and it seems like you missed the category of your household that you talked about in the intro.
    Maybe Mondays can focus on taking care of yourself/health/time for you…we know you like to plan 🙂
    Tuesdays…not sure
    Wednesday’s share something you’ve found out there and how it relates to your life and house? Although you reblog on the weekends.
    Love Thankful Thursday and FB Friday.
    Personally, I’d like to hear more about YOU and how you make it all work. How you balance a household, 6 kids, a career, and a personal life.

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  2. i think it is a great 🙂 and your new topic ideas are in line with your blog title plus it will create a room for more creativity when it comes to your posts – I like the way you manage your blog and how you share your stories with us.The new topics you want to work on it will add another flavor to it which I’m sure your followers will enjoy reading.

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  3. I agree with Emily..Monday and Tuesday could almost be the same thing. I’d combine the ideas you have for those two days into the making time for me..then on tuesday maybe a it’s time for the house..stuff about how you create the environment for your family. space issues, creative solutions when you don’t have the furniture, appliances, whatever that is needed. You know, the physical surroundings and how your family is dealing with it. Wednesday, what about something along the lines of taking time for cooking? You have had a couple of recipes I seem to recall that are capable of being stretched for a large family. I don’t know…you have such a great blog already. I liked the teenager bloggery but I love the idea of a thankful day. whatever you decide it is going to be great. I’ll hush now. lol

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