1 Day Left


We all have people in our lives that take the wind out of our sails.  Who we feel a need to change around and explain ourselves too.

I have written about this specific person in quite a few posts.  Read here if you are interested:

Negativity is a B****

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The point is, that as of tomorrow at 4pm, my life is changing.  No longer will I have a day in and day out relationship with this person.  I will be able to breathe and be my happy, joyful self all the time.  Without criticism, judgement and cruelty.  I couldn’t be happier.

However, based off all the posts I found that were more or less directed toward my feelings about the person and our toxic relationship, it seems as if I may have less to write about! I know that there are more too, I just found these in about 10 minutes.  LOL.  I think I will manage.

Happy Wednesday Friends!!!


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11 thoughts on “1 Day Left

  1. It’s really tricky to remove these negative, toxic people from our lives. I find the older you get, the harder it becomes to tolerate constant negativity. I believe that friendship should be a joy not a hardship. Well done you for having the courage to end it, hopefully one day I will too! X

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    1. Actually, she is a co-worker. That was why it was so hard to endure!! I had no real choice. But, tomorrow is her last day and she is moving on to a new job, outside of our company. So that means whatever communication we have from here on out is a choice.

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      1. I have cut some negative friends out of my life before and that was hard. You are right as an adult, who needs the negativity! There is enough going on without adding more, am I right? Good Luck with your situation. Maybe the new year will give you just the push you need 🙂

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  2. Thank goodness! You do NOT have to put up with negative people. You have the absolute right to choose who hangs out with you, who shares your hopes and dreams..and they should be just as positive as you are. It’s so hard to deal with the constant drama of a glass empty person. So very glad you are receiving this gift of her leaving.

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