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How to be creative with your image backgrounds.

I am certain that everyone in the world has thought of this before and that I am the last one to the party.  However, in such case that maybe one person didn’t know…here goes.

I got tired of using the same backgrounds that everyone else uses on sites like canva and pixteller.  Don’t get me wrong, the sites are wonderful, but everyone can use the same image.  Earlier this week a friend of mine told me to start looking at pictures and colors that inspire me that I would want to use to inspire my blog.  Well, I looked down and saw this.


This is my purse.  I absolutely love it though.  All of the colors the circles, everything about it.  Then I thought, I can turn that into a background for an image on my blog!!  Now, I have been looking at things around my house differently.

Here are a few more that I took.

Three of these are taken from the same gift bag.  One is my slipper, one of my planner and the last from the tote that I use to organize all of my notepads and pens for blogging!!  So, simple.  This morning I even looked up at my shower curtain and thought….that would be a great background image.  LOL.

Anyway, like I said, I am sure that I am late to the party.  However, you can gain inspiration from items you already own for backgrounds in your images.  This was the first one that I made on canva.


It isn’t perfect, but it is totally me!!!


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