Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/29

What is it like to be a teenager in 2016?

To be honest it’s kinda like a box.. Either your in and you wanna get out or you’re out and you wish you were in. There are multiple boxes but this is the limited edition teenage version. This box is pop culture, its social media, its gossip, its anything perceived to be cool, its popularity.  If you’re one of the happy ones lingering outside, something or someone is gonna try and change that. For me i think my life is great and I’m happy but when i start the dangerous scrolling through my Instagram feed,i begin to question that. Whether it be a post about a party i wasn’t invited to or a selfie where the subject is nothing less than perfect… it starts to break you down.You begin feeling like you’re not living enough, like everybody else your age is hitting milestones you can’t even see.  Being a teenager in 2016 is FILLED with self-doubt, and putting up a front, so the people closest to you, don’t see the struggles you’re going through. Nobody can see that this seemingly perfect little box is slowly suffocating me. And i don’t know how to gather up the confidence or arrange the words by myself. A teenager in 2016 is allergic to asking someone for this 4 letter word… help. And when someone finds out about our silent oppression, they ask why didn’t you tell me? And i wish there was a simple answer to that question, but there isn’t. We thought you wouldn’t listen, that you’d treat as a joke.. We couldn’t get the words out.. We thought we could do it all on our own and i wish i realized it sooner but we can’t.. We might think we’re grown up because we’re drinking lattes instead of apple juice, the reason we get excited for Christmas isn’t the new toys it’s the much anticipated red cup reveal, we wear shorter skirts and taller heels, and so much makeup that we no longer see who we are but who we’re trying to be.. And the truth of all this is that we’re not finished growing up yet  and the moment you as our parents say your not walking out the house dressed like that, it brings us back into reality. It flips a switch in my mind that no matter how much I change myself, someone  still sees the real me… and that’s a blessing in disguise. In the heat of the moment i’ll lash out, and stomp my feet and say things that i don’t mean but at the end of the day my goal wasn’t to leave the house.. My agenda was to see if anyone cared enough to stop me. That’s what being a teenager in 2016 is like, it’s filled with little battles, invisible struggles, masks that we didn’t know anybody could see through, and Pandora’s little box.

Published by Making Time For Me

Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

4 thoughts on “Thursday Teenage Spotlight: 12/29

  1. Wow! This an amazing post!
    I can’t even imagine being a teenager in today’s world of instant gratification and no privacy. Some of the basic themes of being a teenager are still going strong, but having to also deal with those themes while battling social media expectations seems heartbreaking and exhausting. It’s a shame that unspoken expectations to live up to someone’s Instagram or Facebook feed (highlight reel) are also impacting young adults. It’s hard enough to deal with that at 32.

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