What Kind Of Mom Are You At The Playground? — ihaveanopinionidliketoshare

Yesterday I decided to do the dumbest thing in the world and take both of my tiny humans to the mall in the post Christmas sales blitz. But the mall has a play area you see. And we were on the second day after a blizzard, it was fucking cold outside and Husband was sleeping […]Continue reading “What Kind Of Mom Are You At The Playground? — ihaveanopinionidliketoshare”

Strong Women

I forgot that I even wrote this.  It was written one year ago, so it showed up on my Timehop today!! Damn is it a GOOD post!!  LOL, not to toot my own horn or anything. Women are so incredibly strong.  Though, some have it so completely wrong.  Why do we spend so much timeContinue reading “Strong Women”

Living the Life you Want

We all can use all the motivation we can get!!  Here’s to starting a new year for those of us who want to do more. There are 24 hrs in a day, some say that’s not enough.  There are 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year…again it never seems like enough.  IfContinue reading “Living the Life you Want”

For the Health of It

I am sharing this to motivate me to get my ass back into gear!  I haven’t been to the gym in months. I have gained 20 pounds, easily.  I have a plan to eat “21 day fix” friendly.  I got a new Nutribullet for Christmas that I plan to start using today.  The gym, wellContinue reading “For the Health of It”

2017 Kindness Challenge

Niki is at it again!  I was involved last year and it was an incredible process. By clicking the photo above you’ll be redirected to the site I’m using to count the number of participants this year. Just enter your details and you’ll see how many have committe… Source: 2017 Kindness Challenge

FBF: Learning to Keep the Past in the Past

This lesson is so hard.  Though, some how I have come leaps and bounds in 2016.  It has NEVER felt so good!! One of the lessons that I have been working the hardest on this year is keeping the past in the past.  It is also one of the hardest lessons I have had toContinue reading “FBF: Learning to Keep the Past in the Past”