Thankful Thursday

First of all, I am so Thankful that I have decided to make this a weekly post. It really helps me to look around at all the positives and highlights from the previous week.

1.) Big Bucket..every year my parents take us up north to a water park to hang out for the weekend. A weekend full of laughs, drinks, food and family.  This year there were 17 of us. Our family of 8, my sister’s family of 4, my parents, my grandparents and my uncle.

2.) Crazy Weather..I mean we had a crazy ice/rain situation on Tuesday, but even that was welcomed. The weather was great for driving up north this year, some years it has been zero degrees, other we have had a few inches of snow. This year it was like 30 degrees and no snow.

3.) Days Off…First I had Monday off for MLK day. I took the day to relax, catch up on things, read, drink tea and have lunch with a friend. I had yesterday off because I am working on Saturday. I was super productive. Took Paul’s car in for a tire, oil change, car wash and renewed my dog’s license.

4.) Housing Hunting Again…We started back in November, but then put it on hold over the Holidays. We are ready to look again and I am excited. I want to find a home, be in a home in the spring so that the kids have the whole summer to get used to and meet new friends before the school year starts.

5.) Motivation..I haven’t lost it yet and we are at day 19 of the year. I know only 19 days in, but I have a feeling that is further than a lot of people. I have worked out 15 out of 19 days in 2017!

6.) EBooks..I love being able to download a book on my Ipad and read it while I am exercising. It makes me feel like I am doing multiple things that are good for me at the same time. I have read 2 books at the gym so far this year!

7.) Patience..I typically don’t have much, but I am really learning to trust the process. With everything; life, work, exercise, people…don’t push and you can truly be surprised.

8.) Old very best friend in the whole world and I very rarely see each other. We live about 1 mile away from each other and still never spend time together. We are crazy busy and we both totally get it and never make each other feel bad for it. Yesterday while I was at church, she was there at the same time and we found ourselves both having an hour with nothing to do! It was incredible to sit and laugh with her unexpectedly.


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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

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