Making Time For Me Monday

How did I make time for me?  Let me count the ways…

1)I had last Monday off of work and I did all kinds of things for myself.  The one thing that I rarely get to do though was go out to lunch with a friend.  It was very nice to just chat and not be rushed!

2)I drank tea.  It sounds so silly, but I have found a tea that is AMAZING!!  It takes like Big Red chewing gum.  So a few times over the course of the week, I stopped everything I was doing to turn the tea kettle on and brew myself a cup of tea.  Then, I sat down and enjoyed it.  While it was still warm!

3)House paperwork. My husband and I are officially back on the house hunt.  (Wish us Luck).  So, I got together everything that the broker needs to get the process rolling. I love doing stuff like this, so it was actually fun for me.

4)Speaking of fun for me, I checked quite a few things off of my “to-do” list.  I love having lists and even more checking things off of the list.

5)I finished another book. That means that I am 3 weeks into the new year and I am on book #4 & #5.  I often am reading 2 books at the same time.  One in physical form and the other an ebook while I am working out.

6)I went to the gym 5 times last week.  Each day Monday through Friday. Then I gave myself Saturday and Sunday off. I did still get in 16000 steps on Saturday, because I had 2, 2 hr training’s for 100 people and I walked around the room the entire time!

7)I attended church on Sunday for the first time since Christmas.  (Sorry God)

8)I had a playgroup on Thursday that I was leading at the local library.  Well, I was there and all set up about a half an hour early.  So, instead of just sitting and waiting, I walked the perimeter of the room.  I got in nearly 3000 extra steps just doing that.

9)The weather here in Michigan has been straight up nutty. Yesterday I went for a walk in my short sleeved shirt, with no coat.  It felt amazing to get out in the cold/crisp air.

10)It seems like I should fine at least 1 more thing that I did for myself.  Round it out with 10. I ate Pizza!!  For 3 different meals this weekend.  Yes and I didn’t feel guilty about it. Both days I had a smoothie for breakfast and protein throughout the day.  So Saturday I had 3 pieces of pizza and again on Sunday.  NO GUILT!

What Did You Do For Yourself Last Week???

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Wife, Mother, Step Mom, Control Freak. 7 years into my second marriage and dedicated to making my home a chemical free safe haven <3

4 thoughts on “Making Time For Me Monday

  1. I organized my planner so I would know when all of my big projects/papers are due for this semester! I also started putting away money for if my best friend and I want to travel to Chicago this summer!


  2. Sounds great and productive. I’m camping with my hub at the moment by a lovely river so a bit of time out in nature and reconnecting is what I’m enjoying. Good luck with the house hunting. ❤️

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