Making Time For Me in 12 ways

I like reflecting back on all the ways that I made time for me over the past week.  It is nice to check in and make sure that I took some time to do things that I love, enjoy and appreciate!

  1. Organizing/Cleaning: I know what you are thinking…how could this possibly make its way on the list?  Well, I love organizing and cleaning.  It makes me feel better, I am less anxious when my house is clean and feel accomplished when we de-clutter.
  2. More paperwork in for our house!  I love checking things off of the list.  We put an offer in on a house last Saturday, then we found out Monday evening that it was accepted.  So that means, paperwork for the mortgage and pressing forward.
  3. Sitting in my new picture window.  On Wednesday we had the inspection at our new house.  During the inspection I sat in the picture window and imagined reading books and writing blogs from the special space.
  4. Going out to lunch with my co-workers.  Most of the time I pack my lunch.  It was a special treat to make a plan and enjoy a lunch out together.
  5. I ate carbs…and kind of a lot of them.  I have been working really hard on exercising and eating right in 2017.  I had 2 pieces of pizza for lunch on Friday.  I had pasta and garlic bread for dinner on Saturday.  Then the left over pasta for lunch on Sunday with a rice krispie treat.  Lastly, enjoyed a few beers each nice.
  6. I went to the gym 5 days last week.  I went Monday-Friday.
  7. I started reading a new book and I am now half way through it.  That means I am working on book 4 and 5 for the new year!
  8. I went to my favorite brewery twice last week.  Once with Paul and Noah on Tuesday. Then yesterday with my parents and Noah.
  9. Taxes are filed.  Yet another thing where people think I am crazy, I’m sure.  Like I said, I like checking boxes off of my to-do list.  We received our final W2 on Friday, I plugged in all the info and by 7pm, our taxes were officially in!
  10. I had a wonderful phone conversation with one of my best friends.
  11. I went to church on Sunday.  Being in that space feeds me in a way that nothing else can.
  12. We skipped dance on Friday.  After a busy week of trainings and meetings, I let my daughter play hookie.  Which in turn, meant Mom got to play hookie.  I didn’t have to run around on my Friday night.  We stayed home and enjoyed an evening all together!

How Did You Make Time For Yourself This Past Week?

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