Transformation Tuesday: Week 8

Well, I am down nearly 12 pounds.  158.2 is what the scale reads.  Can you believe it?  After 7 weeks of going to the gym, getting extra steps in and eating right!  I have lost 11.8 pounds.  That is pretty amazing!


I made myself a bullet journal at the beginning of the year.  (I am not really using it as much as I thought that I would) However, one of the things that I put into the journal was a weight loss chart.  Then I made myself a reward promise.  For ever 5 pounds lost, I would reward myself.  My rewards were a new Joules Athletics Buff for 5 pounds down.  Which I was able to start wearing a few weeks ago now.

My 10 pound reward was to be a new workout shirt.  Specifically the Hartmann tank from Joules Athletics in Erin Rockstar Black.  Truth be told, I ordered them at the same time to save on shipping.  The tank has just been sitting up in my closet until I made it down to 10 pounds lost.  Well yesterday was the first day that I could wear it!

When I was sick last week, I actually made it well past 15 pounds lost!  Not in a healthy way.  The good news is though, since feeling better and eating, I have gone back up.  So, I know that the weight loss is because of what I have been doing to better myself, not because of the illness from last week.

I am also down 19.5 inches.  Seeing progress like that is what makes it all worth it.  Makes getting up at 415 to get to the gym worth it.  The extra work for meal prep and smoothie making is worth it.  I feel so good on the inside and out.  My energy is abounding.  I actually attribute how I have been treating my body to my quick bounce back from not feeling well.

How have you been transforming yourself?

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