Teenage Spotlight: 2/25

Hi, I am Diya (teenlifeblog2017) – a 15 year old from India
A teenager in the year 2017-Hearing this, some adults would just have a nasty look on their face as teens are supposed to be the annoying part of the population, while others would just consider 2017 teens to be lucky. If I were an adult now, maybe I would consider the same. But being a teenager in the ultra-modern society of 2017, my opinions would vary slightly.
Yes, I agree we are a bit privileged as we have certain things that the 90’s or earlier teens did not have. The most profound example of that is the ‘Internet’. The internet provides a wide platform for the talents of today’s teen. Without internet, we would maybe just have ignored our creativity. Without the internet, I would not have being expressing my opinion on teens on such a huge platform right now. Internet has made way for a more accepting society where nerds aren’t picked on anymore and where shy teens can also make their voice be heard. I am guessing that this was not the scenario earlier. Also living in such a society has (almost) forced the teens to leave their innocence at a younger age and be matured enough to face the world. This maturity, while can be a advantage, but can also play with a teen’s feelings and damage them forever.
Growing up as a single child, I mostly spent my time online ignoring the real offline relations. While teens in 90’s had the same mood swings as we do but we (or rather I) tend to overthink about a particular thing, making weird conclusions that lead to nothing useful. Also something that I tend to think about a lot is the fact that teens are misunderstood a lot. Being neither a child nor an adults confuses us as much as it confuse others. Often my emotions go out of my control and I end up doing something stupid which later leads to a huge misunderstanding.
My parents have always considered me to be an teen with adult feelings. So from a younger age, I have learned to take my own decisions and know about my life. I am not trying to say that they are not willing to support me. Just like I earlier said, teenagers can get support if they want but little guide (partly due to the fact that most parents are normally busy with their own work and also because we like to keep our problems to ourselves instead of letting them out) which is the inverse of the society of 90’s.
By reading this post you will probably think that my experience as a teenager was not a happy one, which is not true. I have made many beautiful memories as a teen (and am looking forward for more) but when I sometimes look around, I can’t help but notice the loner and difficult attitudes of teens around me.
But then again on the bright side, we have KFC, IPhones and 3-D films. So can’t quite complain on that. 😛

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