Making Time For Me in 6 Beautiful Ways

This past week was pretty awesome.  Other than the fact I have had some degree of a headache since Wednesday.  UGH!!! I have been back in the routine of going to the gym, but somehow haven’t pushed myself 3 days in any one week.  I am thinking this will be the week.  I was thereContinue reading “Making Time For Me in 6 Beautiful Ways”

Teenage Spotlight: 3/25

Hi! My name is Kathleen McSweeney and I am sixteen years of age. I find it can be difficult being a teenager in 2017. I think the biggest difficulty is social media. With all these social media platforms and usage of impulsivity, a teenager has to carefully choose friends and carefully use the Internet. IContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 3/25”

FBF: #40Notes40Days: Someone Who Walked with you Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

This is a letter that I wrote last year to my husband.  It makes me happy that we have another year under a belt, another year that he has chosen to walk with me and another year of way less darkness! Source: #40Notes40Days: Someone Who Walked with you Through the Valley of the Shadow ofContinue reading “FBF: #40Notes40Days: Someone Who Walked with you Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death!”

Transformation Tuesday: Week 12

So, it has been awhile since I have written on a Tuesday.  Things have been busy and I have been off my game!!! I have finally got my butt back into gear after moving and so today seemed like the right day to post. Last week I did all the paperwork that I needed toContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday: Week 12”

Teenage Spotlight: 3/18

Being A Teen…..2k17! 2000, beginning of the new millennium, was when I was born. It’s kinda cool, you know, been born at the beginning of the 21st century and all. But I should say being a teenager is not an easy task! Puberty, raging hormones, unwanted feelings and loads of school work so do not workContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 3/18”

Thankful Thursday 3/16

I am going to focus on one thing for Thankful Thursday and that is my dinner last night. Last night my son James had a fundraiser for his class camping trip.  The fundraiser was at a restaurant and the restaurant was going to be donating a portion of the bill to the school. Well, theContinue reading “Thankful Thursday 3/16”

Making Time For Me 3/13

OOOOOOH, it has been a GREAT 10 days. Sorry for not posting, the only posts I had were my scheduled Teenage Spotlights on Saturday, other than that I have been taking a break. For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I closed on our first home Thursday, March 2nd.  We have beenContinue reading “Making Time For Me 3/13”

Teenage Spotlight: 3/11

As everyone walked by, various expressions gazed at my makeup that was carefully lathered onto my skin. My effortless curls bounced up and down as I strutted down the hallway. I did my best to put a stunning smile upon my face as my PINK water bottle dangled from the tip of my fingers, butContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 3/11”

Teenage Spotlight: 3/4

I’m a thirteen year old, teenage girl from India. Being a teenager is heartbreaking. When you are a child, everything goes in your way, you are small, innocent. For you, the whole world is perfect. You are so involved in you and your small world that you don’t have time to look out of itContinue reading “Teenage Spotlight: 3/4”

Thankful Thursday: 3/2

Today we are highlighting just 1 thing!!! Our new house.  We close today at 1pm.  The house of my dreams.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it and planning for it.  Now the day has finally come that we get the keys and we can put some of our own things in it.Continue reading “Thankful Thursday: 3/2”